Commissioners adopt road maintenance schedule

     Last week, the Evans County Board of Commissioner approved a three to six week dirt road plowing schedule, dependent on how heavily each road is travelled and the number of residents living on the road. The measure passed with a 4-1 vote on the new schedule.

    Commissioner Gary Bell voted against the motion stating “I want them all plowed the same.”

    The proposed schedule was presented by Commissioner Del Beasley. “Weather permitting, outside of emergencies, we shall grade all connector roads, thru roads, and all dead end roads with three or more families living on them, once every three weeks, minimum. All dead end road that have two families or less living on them every six weeks. All other dead end roads twice a year so they will continue to look like county roads,”  Beasley said in his motion.

    Beasley pointed out that the new plowing schedule would effectively prioritize jobs for the county road department. Capital road projects might not be completed as quickly now due to the department’s new plowing schedule that would take precedence over additional road projects.

    County Administrator Casey Burkhalter also noted “In the budget this year we’ve got it set where two motor graders will be going continuously … even if there are special projects.”