County endorses EMH $700K withdrawal from bond reserve fund

     In a split 3-2 vote, Evans County Board of Commissioners endorsed Evans Memorial Hospital’s utilization of $700K in reserve funds in a debt service account that is currently servicing a series of 2006 hospital bonds to pay down nearly $1.1 million in accounts payable (AP) owed to vendors and medical suppliers.

     Since Evans Memorial made their request by letter in June, the facility’s AP balance is down from $1.3 million to $1.1 million.

     Commissioners Brian Croft and Irene Burney voted against the endorsement. Croft indicated disapproval due to there being no written contract regarding repayment of the new request, although, according to County Attorney Jay Swindell, the hospital is only required to notify Evans County 10 days prior to withdrawing the funds.

     Although EMH formally made their request last month, hospital administrators, staff and authority members attended a county meeting held July 3 to make the request in person as well.

     The excess funds of $700,000 remain from the hospital’s 2012 sale of Glenvue Health and Rehabilitation in Glennville. “We put that money in the reserve,” explained EMH CEO Nikki Nesmith.

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By Julie Braly, Enterprise Editor