County no longer funding Chamber

A motion to enter into a contract of services between the County and the Chamber of Commerce did not pass at a called meeting held last night, therefore the county will no longer provide financial support to the Chamber.

The sole purpose of the Evans County Board of Commissioners’ called meeting was to discuss a proposed contract between the County and the Chamber.

Chamber President Caughey Hearn addressed Commissioners on behalf of the Chamber and its Board of Directors, many of who were present at the meeting.

Hearn said the Chamber has been in existence in Claxton and Evans County for 64 years.

“Our mission statement reads ‘to promote and support business, civic, cultural and educational growth in our community’,” said Hearn. “That is a mission we take both very seriously and a mission that I feel we fulfill very well.”

“Our request and reason for being here tonight is very simple,” continued Hearn. “We are requesting that the county continue the long partnership that you’ve had with the Chamber of Commerce by contracting with the chamber for services provided, with funding of those services $19,500 annually, which is the same funding level that it has been for those services for the past 17 years.”

The meeting lasted approximately one hour during which both the Commissioners and chamber representatives asked questions, made comments and participated in discussions.

Towards the end of the meeting, Commissioner Irene Burney made a motion to accept the contract as presented. Tony Lewis seconded the motion for further discussion. When a vote was taken Commissioner Burney voted for the motion while Commissioners Jill Griffin, Wesley Jenkins and Tony Lewis voted nay.

County Administrator Casey Burkhalter and County Attorney Jay Swindell were present for the meeting, while Commissioner Shela Holland was not.

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By Julie Braly, Enterprise Editor