COVID-19 Antibody Infusion Treatment now available at EMH

Monoclonal antibody treatment of COVID-19 was approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) November 9. This cutting edge medical infusion therapy is now available at Evans Memorial Hospital (EMH) in Claxton.

Jonathan Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Southland Physicians at EMH said monoclonal antibodies are “…manufactured antibodies for viruses which particularly helps with COVID.”

…“This treatment is made for patients that have a PCR positive test (not an antibodies test),” said Williams. “The treatment is to be administered within…

To learn more about if you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment and how to obtain it at EMH,  read the full story in this week’s edition of  The Claxton Enterprise. You can also subscribe today by calling us at 912-739-2132. 

By Julie Braly, Editor