Former dispatcher filed discrimination, harassment comp. against Claxton

Morris settled EEOC complaint for $12,500; all parties have signed settlement agreement

Following city council authorization on June 4, Claxton Mayor Terry Branch, former city dispatcher Lynn Morris, and her Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) legal representation have signed a settlement agreement in the amount of $12,500 to dispose of Morris’ EEOC discrimination complaint against the city. City Attorney Bill Callaway confirmed Monday that all parties signed the agreement last week.

Morris was employed as a city dispatcher from April 2005 – August 23, 2017. In a one-page EEOC complaint filed February 2, 2018, Morris claims that after working day shift for the last five years, she was instructed in March 2017 that she would have to work rotating shifts and was assigned immediately to night shift. “There was no reasonable business reason for the change in the terms of charging party’s employment,” the complaint reads.

Morris claims a disability which qualifies for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act precluded her from working night shift and says she was initially threatened with immediate termination. Morris was subsequently approved for family medical leave and then notified that her inability to return to work on August 8, 2017 would result in termination.

By Sarah Gove, Enterprise Editor,-

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