Life lessons: Searching for ‘treasure’, finding truth

Mickey Peace

The sun was beginning to rise above the horizon, casting orange and gold streaks of light that shimmered upon the emerald blue water that laps at the sugar-white sand of Panama City Beach. If you are a fan of sun and sand and blue water, Florida’s PC Beach is a great destination in summer or winter.

Personally, we prefer the beach in winter. The raw oysters are never better than they are in January or February. Accommodations are more affordable, Thomas Drive and Front Beach roads are much less traveled, and the weather usually permits a stroll on the beach.

I watched the sun come up Friday morning. It was a spectacular sight from the balcony of our hotel room. With hot coffee, a pair of sweats and a warm pullover shirt, I shared the sunrise with seagulls that rode the early morning wind.

Mickey Peace, Publisher – mpeace

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