Outburst and indecision at Hagan Council – Claxton withdraws from proposed police merger

Hagan Mayor Matt Blocker began a discussion about the proposed police merger between the Hagan and Claxton Police Departments during the City Council meeting Tuesday night. Within minutes, however, the Mayor Pro Tem interrupted him, and others voiced indecision.

“As we ended our last meeting we had our public hearing on the proposed merger . . . and (received) input from the public which we greatly appreciate, that’s what we need. There has been some discussion and questions about what’s the next step. The next step would be for the attorneys to draw up the legal documentation for us to review for this proposed merger . . . to see what the legalities would be,” said Mayor Blocker.

“Before we pay lawyers to do that, if the city council is not in favor of moving forward at this point, we would not want to spend that time and money. My personal feeling, based on the information that we’ve gathered, is that this could work and be a really good thing for both communities. We’ve had mixed feelings from our community, a lot of positives, questions, concerns, and what if’s, but I  really think we can build in safeguards to address any of those,” added Blocker.

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By Julie Braly, Editor