Prayer walk for schools planned

The Churches of Tattnall-Evans Baptist Association (TEBA) invite the community to join together on Sunday, Aug. 1, at 3 p.m. to Prayer Walk all local schools. The plan is to pray over all schools in Tattnall and Evans Counties. Each school has at least one host church that will be at the school to provide Prayer Walking guides. Those hosts will be outside near the main entrance to the school.

Students, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the entire community are invited to come and walk and pray for the school. There will be no gathering of people to pray (primarily due to the COVID virus) but rather a time for people to take the guide and pray over the campus. The guide is a self-guided way to pray specifically for each school.

“This is not just a Baptist event. We ask all churches to come and join together in praying God’s protection and blessings over each school,” said Freddy Gardner, Associational Missionary for TEBA. “There is nothing more uniting in our communities than for Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, Independents, white, black, Hispanic, Asians, and every one of faith to come together to pray,” Gardner said. “Let us come together to cry out to our awesome God,” Gardner concluded.

For more information, contact TEBA at 912-739-9040 or email