Peace through Chaos

Our pastor shared Sunday about the advent of peace, something I will confess to struggling with lately. It may appear our world is in turmoil, as well as our own personal lives. Chaos also seems to make its appearance. Yet, as the pastor shared, it is through our trust in the Prince of Peace that we can rest assured, even in the midst of the storm.

Despite there being the possibility he will once again pull 24- hour staff duty on Christmas Day on Ft. Stewart, for James and I, this Christmas is a special one for many reasons.

Among all the holiday preparations, we are also preparing for something new. In seven weeks, we are expecting our very own Baby Cheney to join us. The time has flown by quicker than imagined, and it seems now that seven weeks isn’t nearly long enough to be truly ‘prepared’ for our bundle of joy.

So while we are steady in the middle of Christmas decorating, shopping, and parties, we know this year is the last year it will look like this. Just the two of us and Copper (begrudgingly in a reindeer outfit) in tow.

The nursery is painted and every other week James is tasked with dragging everything out and putting everything back in again. I worry about having all the right items for the baby while James calmly reassures me.

Our goal is to have the crib and dresser painted by Christmas Eve, with the nursery arranged and everything beginning to be put in its proper place.

Doctor appointments have moved into the annoyingly ‘too often’ phase, paired with informational classes and more brochures than I can keep track of. Balance that with our work schedules, church events and get-togethers, and our December is anything but empty.

My Facebook feed is equally full of Christmas inspiration and recipes, as well as parenting articles, all of which I immediately save to read for later … only to be too tired later to read anything at all.

As a result of everything swirling in my life this month, when our pastor shared about trusting Christ in chaos, it touched a special place in my heart. It was a reminder to take the time to sit and enjoy the smallest of moments, and enjoy the preparation as part of the process.

Christmas has never been about one day out of the year, but something you carry throughout the year in your heart. The same can be said about us preparing for our child. We may spend all this time getting ready, but once the big day happens, it is far from over.

For the Cheney’s, we are practicing walking in peace through our chaos, with all the excitement and joy in the world.

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