The Whole Truth or Thereabouts: An old rural school house

Frank NeSmith

I always enjoy seeing the old Canoochee School building six miles north of Claxton on Highway 301. After all, from 1933 until 1953, that was the only school for children living in what was then known as the Canoochee District. 

The first rural schools were wooden, one-room structures with only one teacher. They were often called old field schools because they occupied poor-land plots of donated farm land. At Canoochee when I was in the first grade they tried planting Bermuda grass in the bare, sandy soil. It failed to grow, but we al- ways had bumper crops of other kinds of grass: The na- tive sandspurs and cockspurs that painfully penetrated the soles of our bare feet during warm weather. 

Frank NeSmith, Columnist

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