The Whole Truth or Thereabouts: He never did get out alive

Frank NeSmith

While scanning the list of music options on satellite TV, I was astounded at the number and variety of categories available. There are 81 channels giving options from the big band era to heavy metal rap and just about any topic in between. They even have a channel for toddlers. 

In rural Evans County during the 40s and 50s our music was much simpler. It was the bygone era of small farms and for a period of time there was only one kind of music all of us liked. It was then officially called hillbilly music; a term that first arose in the Appalachian Mountains. In 1950 the renowned Little Jimmy Dickens wrote and sang, “Hillbilly fever’s going ‘round,” which was one of the year’s biggest hillbilly hits. 

Frank NeSmith, Columnist

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